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Blue Moon over Madagascar

PITTSBURGH bookstore manager Lilith Devlin   encounters a faery in her garden who asks her to write a book explaining faery ways and to tackle a special mission. In exchange, the wee one promises romance and adventure.

Though Lilith fears change, she soon travels to Ireland to learn from the fae, meets an attractive New York editor, and flies to Madagascar with him…..

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I’ve been a closet writer for years. True confessions. I just hit “publish” on Amazon and did almost no marketing. (Gasp!) But now I’m doing book launches on Amazon, geared to Ebooks. I’m getting with it. Who knows what comes next? My first launch will be with Murder Through the Looking-Glass (new title and all that jazz for my first published novel, Crystal Clear). There’s a 99 cent special from September 25 through October 13.

The Lilith & the Faeries Series…

And Wait, There’s More

I’m excited to announce the publication of my Lilith and the Faeries Series, three paranormal romantic suspense novels. During the course of these stories, Lilith Devlin transforms from bookstore manager to shamanic healer. She reconnects with nature in her garden via a faery, who leads her to love and adventure. Watch for novel #4, Beyond the Faery Portal, in which Lilith matches wits with Merlin. Coming soon, probably late next year, 2020….

So about More. With much encouragement from nature and the faeries, I’ve written two middle grade children’s novels. Lilly Rogers and her best friend in the whole world, pet rabbit Sophie, are contacted by the faeries for a big task. She and her counterpart in the faery realm, Daisy, must reconnect the faery and human races. They’re building a bridge in Lilly & Sophie Search for Real Magic and in Bridge to Summerland. 

These children’s books have been a delight to write and as a big bonus, I’ve been reading some amazing MG fiction as research. The faeries insist upon traditional publishing this time, so faery-wise literary agents, editors, and publishers are required. Hint. Hint.

Living the Dream

It’s a joke, isn’t it? A bus boy at a local restaurant, pale, with shirt tail coming outI ask him how he is; he smiles and says, “Living the dream.” One of my massage clients, talking about his chronic pain and overwork comes out with the same phrase, and we both laugh.

But it’s not a joke at all. You can, you absolutely can live the life of your dreams. If you first dream your life and believe in it, the rest will come. And the faeries are here to help you with your transformation. Please come along with us: me, Lilith, her best faery friend Florinda, Cleo the cat, and all she meets in her adventures with the fae. Romance and adventure await you. Won’t you join us?


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