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Blue Moon over Madagascar

Lilith Devlin is shocked when a faery appears in her Pittsburgh garden and asks her to write a faery novel and perform a mysterious mission. Though the faery promises love, she’s paralyzed by fear, for her life of working as a bookstore manager and living in seclusion with her cat will change. She balks until circumstances force her to agree.

Right away, she flies to Ireland, where Old World faeries fascinate her with their ways. While there, she meets and…..

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Announcing the Lilith and the Faeries Series

I’m excited to announce the publication of my Lilith and the Faeries Series, three paranormal romantic suspense novels. During the course of these stories, Lilith Devlin transforms from bookstore manager to shamanic healer. She reconnects with nature in her garden via a faery, who leads her to love and adventure.

After crafting these novels for seven years, a labor of love, this feels like the end of a long journey. Yet, it’s just beginning anew, so please join me on this next leg of the odyssey. I promise lots of fun, healing, and surprises along the way.

Blue Moon over Madagascar (Series #1), published by Amazon, B&N, CreateSpace, and Balboa Press, is offered in paperback, hardback, and E-book formats. Smell the Plumerias (Series #2) and Faery: the Final Frontier (Series #3) are available as paperbacks and E-books.

Living the Dream

It’s a joke, isn’t it? A bus boy at a local restaurant, pale, with shirt tail coming outI ask him how he is; he smiles and says, “Living the dream.” One of my massage clients, talking about his chronic pain and overwork comes out with the same phrase, and we both laugh.

But it’s not a joke at all. You can, you absolutely can live the life of your dreams. If you first dream your life and believe in it, the rest will come. And the faeries are here to help you with your transformation. Please come along with us: me, Lilith, her best faery friend Florinda, Cleo the cat, and all she meets in her adventures with the fae. Romance and adventure await you. Won’t you join us?

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