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About & Healing

Cathy Corn has explored the faery realms since reading Doreen Virtue’s Fairies 101. She connects with spirit as a massage/energy worker and Reiki Master in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and happily-ever-afters there with her husband, Alan, and her critters, Missy, Cato, and Bella. Her first published work, a romantic suspense novel, is Murder Through the Looking-Glass.

Healing Yourself… and the Planet

My study of healing began years ago, when I worked as an RN in critical care units, eventually changing careers to massage therapy. When I left mainstream medicine, my healing horizons broadened. I’ve been learning and growing, nurturing myself and facilitating others with their transformation. The vision of the faeries, who tend the plants and animals, includes rejuvenating our planet. As a bonus, learning about the mysteries of nature can be quite fascinating!

Writing the Lilith and the Faeries Series has expanded my life in ways I’d never expected. As Lilith has transformed over the course of the novels, I’ve changed, too. Please join me in my free video series, to learn about faeries and how you can connect with them to make your dreams come true. And don’t forget, the faeries believe in having the best time ever!

Also, feel free to visit my blog, where I teach about healing, give information about other healers and what they can offer you, and get your feedback. I plan to offer videos and links under the “media” section. Hope to hear from you soon, and mahalo nui loa.



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